Test your cellphone number

How It Works

Mobile spammers and callcenters don't call completely random numbers in the hopes to reach you. Most of them work off what are called leadsheets, huge lists of files containing phone numbers, often with some personal data attached. The main goal of these sheets is to calculate wether or not a specific number is viable for a sale or a scam.
We will work to get you off these lists, or flagged in a way that demotivates them to call/text you.


The first thing we do is to measure the scope of how many places your phone number appears. When you sign up for our service, you get a free rough analysis on how many generic lists your number appears in. Once you deploy our services, we do a much more detailed scan, so we can target each network accurately.

Civil leadsheet unlisting

The first and simplest step is for us to contact all the white-hat lists, and simply demand removal. This can be cumbersome, but many of these operators knows that it's easiest just to remove the number from their list, since it is a drop in the ocean for them. We then follow this up with additional follow-up scans, making sure that the number indeed disappears from the lists.

Darkweb registry removal

Should your number have leaked to the more darker sides of the web, we have solutions to that as well. We work with various contacts that can help to remove your number from the leaked lists, as well as flag your number as "bad convertion", which indicates that calling you is simply not worth their time. This is in our experiencee the most effective method with dealing with both spammers and phishers, and it has given our clients nothing but positive results, while keeping everything legal.